On the eve of the Pharmacist Day which is celebrated on the 16th of September, the employees of enterprise PHARMHIM LTD. participated in a charity event and donated blood for oncology children of the Sumy region. A noble mission was carried out at Shostka branch of Sumy Regional Blood Service Center.

The donors included synthesis operators, electricians, technologists, technicians, heads of workshops for chemical and pharmaceutical drugs production.  The Concha family also participated in the event as donors. Andrei and his son Mikhail work together at the enterprise as synthesis operators and have a rare blood group AB. Mikhail Koncha considers his deed to be right and decent:

-It is very good that we have the possibility to help oncology children. It is a good deed.  

Alexander Timoshenko, the operator of raw materials preparation, is also concerned about lives and fates of oncology children:

“I’m sure that my blood will be undoubtedly of use to someone. I believe that such an event will become a good tradition for our enterprise.”

It is not the first charity event in which the enterprise PHARMHIM LTD. participated. The company management pursues a policy of corporate social responsibility. Several years ago PHARMHIM LTD. purchased medical equipment totaling to UAH 300,000.00 for Shostka Diagnostic Center, which services residents of Shostka and the northern part of the oblast. The enterprise is a long-standing sponsor of the famous Shostka wheelchair marathoner Dmitry Vasiltsov. Shostka Military Unit No. 3022 and public organizations uniting participants of anti-terrorist operation are also constantly receiving charitable assistance.

Nikolay Fedko, Director General of PHARMHIM LTD., emphasizes that the company pursues a policy of socially responsible business.

“We produce substances that have direct pharmacological effect and are used for  production of the following drugs: pills, solutions, injections. Therefore, social projects aimed at preserving of people’s health are a priority for us. We fully support the initiative of our employees in that regard, since the problem of provision of donated blood is very pressing for Ukraine” –   head of the enterprise underlines.

The participants of the charitable event included the head of workshop for chemical and pharmaceutical drugs production Alexander Turchin, his deputy Alexandra Varenik, technologists Alexander Verenich and Yevgeny Gurenkov, ecologist Lilia Eremenko, and others.