PHARMHIM Ltd. is a high-tech company in chemical and pharmaceutical field.

Nothing becomes so quickly outdated like the yesterday’s innovations. Thus Pharmhim Ltd. is constantly searching solutions for tomorrow’s problems.

R & D specializes in providing research services and supplying APIs to the world market. We are continuously and consistently working on innovative products, innovative technologies, introducing advanced manufacturing processes and new working methods. We always aim our efforts to the promotion of new compounds.

A combination of excellent laboratory and experimental equipment together with personnel having expert knowledge in the chemical and pharmaceutical field and diverse experiences of synthesis is the basis for the dynamic development of the company and innovative medicines.

In addition to APIs and intermediates, the company also specializes in the production of fine chemicals, development and manufacturing of various chemicals of high quality for individual orders and contract manufacturing.

We offer competitive prices and short lead time for less than one kilogram orders.

Research laboratory is one of the main structural units of PHARMHIM, which is working on the development and implementation of technologies for the production of APIs (substances), as well as intermediate agent for the pharmaceutical industry and meets today’s requirements for pharmaceutical development.

Laboratory is constructed in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) and includes high-tech equipment and has all capabilities for the chemical synthesis.

The processes carried out by research laboratory:

  • scientific research and experimental work on the production of new and progressive technologies, new technological equipment, which ensures the production of competitive products;
  • Research of new raw materials and their usage in the projected production;
  • Improvements in the quality, output increasing and economical use of raw materials.

Capacity of technological laboratory enables the production of small scale batches of APIs and excipients.

One of the latest achievements of the research laboratory is the development of innovative products, which are not yet known (not used) in pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.

Chemical reactions that we use:

– Alkylation

– Catalytic hydrogenation

– Cyanidation

– Friedel-Crafts reaction

– Grignard reaction

– Halogenation (fluorination, bromination and chlorination)

– The synthesis of heterocyclic compounds

– Nitration

– Oxidation and reduction

– Sulfonation etc.

Personnel of the research laboratory were able to successfully combine their many years of experience, achievements in science and high-tech production of drugs in a single efficient unit.

Highest standards in production and close cooperation with known research institutes and laboratories in Ukraine, Russia, China and the United States enables PHARMHIM to produce high quality fine chemicals.

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