Elena Lozinskaya, Deputy Head of Sales Department of the Commercial Department of PHARMHIM LTD., undertook a one-month internship in Germany under “FIT FOR PARTNERSHIP WITH GERMANY” program.

The internship took place at the Academy of Management (DMAN) in Celle (Lower Saxony). The training program included interactive seminars and trainings on such topics as intercultural management, marketing research, logistics, business planning and business culture, drafting and implementation of a foreign economic contract, the search for potential foreign partners and negotiations with them.

The obligatory part of the internship was aimed at gaining practical skills and experience, immediate acquaintance with equipment, materials and technologies, as well as establishing contacts with potential business partners.

During the internship, Elena Lozinskaya visited the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hanover and the law firm Römermann Rechtsanwälte AG, where she  held business meetings on issues related to the execution of contracts with German companies and accompanying documents for goods on export and import operations; Robotation Academy/Deutsche Messe Technology Academy GmbH company, HanoverSmart LAB, which introduces  “smart laboratory” technologies; Volkswagen car manufacturing plant, also referred to “SMART FACTORY” category.

Director General of PHARMHIM, Nikolay Fedko, is sure that the efforts and resources invested in development and support of the professional level of key employees will pay off and make the work of staff more efficient.