Research laboratory

Research laboratory is one of the main units in PHARMHIM structure which is working on the development and introduction of technologies in APIs production, as well as auxiliary chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry and meets all the pharmaceutical development requirements.

Laboratory is constructed in accordance with GMP good manufacturing practice.

Laboratory is staffed with high-tech equipment and has great opportunities for the implementation of chemical synthesis.

Research laboratory performs:

  • research and development which is aimed to implement new and progressive technologies and new technological equipment into the manufacturing that ensures the production of competitive products;
  • studies on the use of new raw materials in the projected products;
  • improvement of quality, increase of output and economical use of materials and resources.

Production capacity of the laboratory allows producing small parties (pilot-scale series) of APIs (substances) and auxiliary chemicals.

One of the latest achievements of the research laboratory is the development of innovative products, which are not yet known to the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.

Many types of complex chemical reactions are mastered: sulfonation, nitration, diazotization, esterification, halogenation, etc.

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