Quality system

Quality control system

Quality is the dominant concept for us in terms of manufacturing and customer service.

PHARMHIM LTD. follows the global trends, aimed to provide the population with effective and safe drugs. The pharmaceutical quality system is based on established international standards:

  • Active Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • ISO 9000

Effective quality management system established by the company, certified in accordance with State Standard ISO 9001: 2009, allows us to guarantee customers the highest quality compounds for the production of end products and a high level of services for packaging, labeling and distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients and chemical products.

Overall goal of the enterprise in the field of quality is formulated and approved by the top management in form of Quality Policy.

The Quality Policy of PHARMHIM

 Top management states that the policy of PHARMHIM in the field of quality is aimed at providing customers with chemicals for the production of consumer goods; active pharmaceutical ingredients for the production of sterile and non-sterile drugs, solutions in the form of «in-bulk», competitive in domestic and foreign markets, with minimal impact on the environment; and also services for repackaging, relabeling and distribution.

We guarantee a high level of quality of substances for the production of sterile and non-sterile drugs, solutions in the form of “in-bulk”, chemicals and high quality services for repackaging, relabeling and distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients, while ensuring their consistent quality.

In our work we are guided by the understanding that only the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction creates the conditions for the future development of the enterprise.

CUSTOMER satisfaction is carried out with the help of innovative technologies and advanced production equipment, while ensuring environmental safety and efficient organization of production processes based on continuous analysis of its effectiveness.

We aim to develop an understanding of our PARTNERS’ role in ensuring the quality of production and the provision of services in distribution, repackaging and relabeling as we believe that all employees, suppliers and partners build a mutual cooperation in the process of production and services delivery.

We strongly believe that product quality must be ensured at all stages of the manufacturing process, and it is the responsibility of the entire staff. We create all the necessary conditions for safe working environment, training and development for each employee, while providing competitive wages and social security package.

This policy is a commitment of PHARMHIM top management to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical quality system and continually improve its effectiveness, develop and implement the objectives and plans of the company in the field of quality, while providing all the necessary resources.

Policy is reviewed regularly and is provided to the plant personnel and the general public in accordance with the procedures approved by the company.

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