PHARMHIM awarded winners of the children’s drawing competition

Konc-15“It is cool to be healthy” – such was the motto of the drawing competition held among children of PHARMHIM employees. The theme of the competition was promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Children aged 3 to 17 submitted their creative works to the competition.
The jury was chaired by Larisa Yefremova, a famous Shostka artist working in “batik” technique. According to Larisa Yefremova, “healthy staff – healthy family – healthy, successful, talented children – these are the links of a chain called healthy society, in which we all want to live”.
Considering that children of different ages and with varying degrees of training took part in the competition, members of the jury decided to introduce additional nominations.
The winners of the competition became Alexandra Grigorieva, 13 years old (1st place), Alina Potsepai, 8 years (2nd place), and Yaroslav Diundik, 10 years old (3rd place).
Roman Shevchenko (4 years) won in the category “Creative Kid”, Valery Yeremenko (8 years) – in “Sports Without Borders”, Alexander Deschenko (11 years) – in “Advertising Poster”, Vladislava Koroviakova (13 years) – in “Creativity and Flight of Fancy”.
The winners of the competition were awarded with Diplomas and prizes: sports equipment and creative sets. All participants also received a box of chocolates as an incentive prize.