Shostka mayor awarded workers of PHARMHIM LTD with certificates of merit

МусиенкоFor high professional skills, conscientious work and on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of founding of PHARMHIM LTD city mayor Nikolai Noga awarded the following employees of the company with certificates of merit:
– Yuliia Ivanovna Apenko, synthesis unit operator of the 5th rank;
– Tatiana Vladimirovna Goncharova, manager (supervisor) in wholesale trade;
– Tatiana Konstantinovna Lahoniu, secretary;
– Valentina Grigorievna Magrelo, synthesis unit operator of technological laboratory;
– Antonina Alexandrovna Musienko, deputy head of laboratory of quality control department for microbiology;
– Alexander Ivanovich Kryzhanovsky, assembly worker of mechanical equipment of the 5th rank;
– Roman Vasilievich Kuzmin, deputy chief engineer;
– Vitaly Mikhailovich Savchenko, shift foreman;
– Alexander Ivanovich Shcherbak, head of construction site;
– Liubov Leonidovna Shcherbak, laboratory assistant of laboratory of quality control department.

The certificates of merit were awarded during a gala concert entitled “Chemistry of Feelings”