071Pharmaceutical enterprise PHARMHIM LTD. extended the range of manufactured active pharmaceutical ingredients. Such products as solution of menthol in the menthyl ester of isovaleric acid (validolum), Sulfocamphoric racemic acid (D, L sulfocamphoric acid) and Glycine have been registered with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and put on mass production.
Solution of menthol in the menthyl ester of isovaleric acid (widely-known to consumers as validolum) produces sedative and vasodilator effect. Sulfocamphoric racemic acid is used as an analeptic agent. Glycine is used as a means to weaken alcohol addiction, reduce withdrawal symptoms, depressive disorders (depression), increased irritability.
Production of active pharmaceutical ingredients is carried out in specialized facilities with all the necessary conditions for proper technological and quality control processes that is confirmed by the Certificate of GMP compliance of a manufacturer.
The Director General of PHARMHIM LTD. Viktor Lyashenko is convinced that the domestic pharmaceutical industry effectively solves the issue of import substitution: “Today, domestic medicines comply with European quality standards and are much cheaper in comparison with the imported ones. In case of substitution of import products patients will benefit the most as medicines are becoming more available for patients both in terms of price and in terms of physical accessibility. The mission of our company is supplying the Ukrainian market with domestic active pharmaceutical ingredients for manufacturing of finished pharmaceutical products.”