Contract manufacturing is one separate service on which Pharmhim Ltd. specializes.

We offer services in manufacturing

– intermediates for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients;

– separate components/stages;

– a trial batch of the end product;

– manufacturing of full cycle commercial batches.

The enterprise also offers services in chemical and microbiological analysis.

Outsourcing of production is performed on our sites according to the quality standards of the Customer.

Having our production facilities equipped with high-tech tools and availability of our own laboratories (technological, analytical and microbiological) PHARMHIM Ltd. is able to perform the complete cycle of manufacturing and packaging of active pharmaceutical ingredients corresponding to the good manufacturing practice conditions and proper quality control of medicines.

Contract manufacturing is carried out in strict compliance with international GMP standards that govern all pharmaceutical production.

The company’s highly skilled staff together with advanced technological and analytical equipment allows for complex orders to be delivered against tight deadlines.

Using our services by placing the production at our facilities with worked out technologies, you save time and resources.

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