“How to establish a successful export process” was the topic of training for top managers of Pharmhim

Менеджеры предприятия стали участниками семинара-тренинга Pharmhim initiated the training “How to organize successful export operations. Practical tips and algorithms for entering the EU market”. Oleg Miroshnichenko was the speaker at the seminar. He is one of the leading Ukrainian experts in export issues, who has many years of experience in the Trade Department of the EU Delegation in Ukraine and experience in the implementation of many projects of the International Centre for Policy Studies.

The implementation of a free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU in January 2016 will open new opportunities for Ukrainian businesses in European and international markets. According to Viktor Lyashenko “the barriers in export of goods are not only existing certification procedures which are need for modernization of production but also a complete lack of understanding of small and medium-sized businesses the stages and steps required for entering the European markets and lack of information about existing instruments.” “The earlier we start to change – the more chances there are for Shostka companies to become exporters,” – said Viktor Lyashenko. So the training is very interesting and beneficial for executives, marketing specialists and managers of foreign economic relations working for the companies that either begin their export activities or are considering such possibility.”

Larissa Yakubenko (Deputy General Director of General Affairs) noted that the represented leading global information services and databases were especially interesting during the training, as well as issues of practical support for exporters who can really provide diplomatic institutions and trade missions”.

The company PHARMHIM always supports the proactive and talented young people and paid all the costs of participation in the training for students and graduates of Shostka Institute.